Thursday, March 10, 2016

5 Electronic Albums you must buy

Yes its only been 3 years since my last "Fav Albums" report so here goes.

SYNTHI A - IGNITION OF THE SUN by Future Sound Of London is an amazing Early Electronic romp with, you guessed it the EMS Synthi A. Go check it out.

ANDY ORTMANN - BUCHLA ON TAPE is a crazy, and also refined workout on the Buchla 200 series modular

DAVID FIRST - ELECTRONIC WORKS 1976-1977 is also in the same vein as Ortmann's Buchla workout.
All the tracks from this album are available on his You Tube page

DONNACHA COSTELLO - STAY PERFECTLY STILL is a collection of slowly evolving ambient works. Donnacha's wepon of choice is the Buchla Music Easel. If you enjoy Alessandro Cortini's Easel workouts on his original Buchla Music Easel you will enjoy this release.

ANTHONY CHILD - ELECTRONIC RECORDINGS FROM MAUI JUNGLE VOL 1 Hear Surgeon don a Buchla Music Easel in the Jungle. Child brings his unique approach to the Music Easel.

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