Thursday, February 28, 2013

VICMOD Records free or donation

VICMOD Records, the home of Avant Electronics, are now offering free downloads in any digital format your playback needs require.
They of course appreciate any donations you are able to contribute so VICMOD and the artists are able to continue to bring you the worlds finest analog electronic abstractions.

You will here experimental sounds emanating from modular synths like the Buchla, Serge and Euro modulars, Blippoo Boxes and much more form Artists all over the globe.

Richard Scott - Gurgle, Sputter, Rungle: Blippoo Box solos

Gurgle, Sputter, Rungle: 

Blippoo Box solos by Richard Scott

Amazing new release from Richard Scott. If you love abstract electronics this is for you!
This album shows some of the ways Richard uses this wonderfully creative little synthesizer more or less as a solo improvising instrument The tracks are all recorded live without any subsequent overdubs or edits.

Tracks 2-6 features the Blippoo Box only. 1 and 10 feature a Bugbrand Postcard Weevil processed through the Blipppo Box. 7-9 feature the Blippoo Box controlling a small analogue modular system, including an Ekdahl Moisturizer Spring Reverberation unit.

Recorded at the Metal Box Factory, Berlin, June 2010 – Jan 2013. Mastered by the Boom Doctor.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some of my favourite computer music records

Some of my favourite computer music records from before the turn of the century.....
Curtis Roads - Point Line Cloud (Asphodel)
John Chowning - John Chowning (wergo)
Herbert Brun- Sawdust (EMF)
Farmers Manual - No Back Up (Mego)
Pimmon - Assembler (Fallt)
Charles Dodge - Any Resemblance Is Purely Coincidental (New Albion)
Hecker - ISO Chall (Mego)
Xenakis - Electronic Music (EMF)
Pita - 7 Tons For Free (Mego)
Tetsu Inoue - Fragment Dots (Tzadik)
Kim Cascone - Cathodeflower (Ritornell)

Composing With Process : Perspectives on Generative and Systems Music

I have been really enjoying these radio shows curated by Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore.
Composing With Process : Perspectives on Generative and Systems Music is the name of the program and it is exactly what it is about.
If you love the more esoteric studies of electronic music, as I do, you will really enjoy listening to this stuff.
So far they have created 8 podcasts with extras that usually have exclusive performances by the likes of Mark Fell and Florian Hecker.

Listening to all of this reminds me of a time, just before the turn of the century, when Microsound was really happening and my awareness of artists like Xenakis, Curtis Roads, Trevor Wishart, Herbert Brun, Pierre Henry, Parmegiani, Tod Dockstader, Kim Cascone and the original Mego records artists Fennesz, Pita, Farmers Manual etc (before they became Editions Mego) was amazing and each week there was some brilliant music to purchase, take home and devour.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cray live set 6 Feb 2013 Bendigo Undue Noise

Cray live @ Undue Noise 6 Feb 2013 Bendigo.
I have new releases coming out on Sicsic Tapes (Germany) and Rocket Machine Tapes (Australia) very soon.

Do also check out the Cray web page with discog vids etc.

plus VICMOD news
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cray web page created

I have decided its time for a Cray web page