Friday, March 23, 2012

A brilliant release on VICMOD Records from Henrik N Björkk 

Music for N,N-Dimetyltryptamin

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk has since 1988 systematically explored the broad field of the post-industrial music scene, covering noise, power electronics, dark ambient, drone, metal, EBM, experimental electronics and avantgarde.
In parallel to his band activities, he has pursued a solo career with a vast amount of record releases. He is widely considered one of the most influential and productive post-industrial artists ever.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interview with Keith Fullerton Whitman

Twitter interview with Keith Fullerton Whitman

Q. Do you keep the same patch for a year ie when performing Generators? 
 KFW: Generators - same concept, different actual patch every night. the only constant was a quantized "note" voltage being fed into an ASR

Q: What does your current touring system comprise of?
KFW: current setup is 360hp of Euro ; 7 sub-patches. A 50s / 60s style "space station" patch, a 70s / 80s style "synth voice", a master clock , (zorlon cannon), a digital recorder/manipulation engine (phono gene / tyme sefari), effects-send/return, input/output, and assorted logic

Q: LAMPO set seemed to have pre recordings? What were they?
KFW: LAMPO set was playback of the GRM piece, then a 30 minute synth improv. 

Q: What fx are being used live, I can hear timestretching / granular sounds?
KFW: fx for the LAMPO set were a TC "hall of fame" reverb (replacing a busted vermona retroverb) - yes, granular from both phonogene & TS

(click image for LAMPO performance)

 Q: How many hours per day are spent listening to music?
KFW: Avg. 8 hours a day listening to records.

Q: How often do you record? 
KFW: recording hours - Sunday / Monday morning / afternoon

Q: Are we not men?
KFW: no, we ARE devo

Friday, March 16, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Melbourne Synth Meet #1

Beware the ides of March

March of the records. Listening 

Nonprivate (cylob) - catastrophic (alku)
VCMG- Sssss (mute)
Henrik N Björkk - Music for N,N-Dimetyltryptamin (vicmod)
Cray - Digest One (vicmod) 
Unattention Economy- Unattention Economy (vicmod)
Andy Ortmann - Provocative Electronics (pan)
Benge - Abstraxa 
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Generators(emego)
Suzanne Ciani - Lixiviation(finders keepers)
Acid nO!se Synthesis - Russell Haswell (emego)