Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Florian Hecker suggests

Florian Hecker suggests an amalgamation of two seminal collections of psychoacoustic works, which demand from its audience a selective piecing-together of distinct units into an overall Gestalt, one that culminates in a chimerical auditory experience.

More releases to check out

In the last month I have come across these fine abstract electronic releases.....

Do check.......

Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt - self titled (Orba Electroacoustica)
Jose Vicente Asuar - self titled (Orba Electroacoustica)
Temporal Maurauder- Temporal Maurauder Makes You Feel (Spectrum Spools)
Cray - Show Fades (Digitalis Ltd)
Henri Pousseur - Parabolique D'enter (Sub Rosa)
Dub Taylor - Lumiere for Synthesizer and Concrete Sound (Sub Rosa)
Ghostrider - Light Pulse (Digitalis Ltd)
Alexander Rishaug - Shadow of Events (Dekoder)
Caboladies - Renewable Destination ( Students of Decay)
Rene Hell - The Canon ( Agents of Chaos)
Charlatan - Trinagles (Digitalis Ltd)
Xiphiidae - Science Everywhere (Housecraft Records)
Raskto - Plink Plonk (VICMOD Records)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

RASTKO release on VICMOD Records.

PLink Plonk


1. punkt
2. cologne
3. reclick
4. tunnel
5. how it should be
6. thought
7. clean part1
8. clean part 2
9. clean part 3


Plink Plonk is a collection of improvisations recorded live on the Serge modular synthesizer and the Sidrassi Organus at the beginning of 2011