Thursday, December 17, 2009

Classic Electronic Albums - Aphex Twin - Richard D James Album

Aphex Twin - Richard D James Album (WARP)

Here is yet another classic album and it could be argued that most Aphex Twin albums are classics, even Classics :-)
This was really his first beat related album since SAW1, that seemed focused, sure I Care Because You Do has some amazing tracks but it feels thrown together.
This release sees Richard improve on his proto jungle/drill n bass production first appearing on the Hangable Auto Bulb eps with tighter rhythmic structure, computer modem sounds and cheesy bells and virtual synth leads, there is almost a nod to Kraftwerk with his track Fingerbib.
The album does sound like it was recorded only on a computer, there is not much in the way or room reverb or micking up his studio space for real reverb as seems to be his fancy of the last few releases.
The track Girl/ Boy Song is pure Aphex magic covering all the recepies for a great Aphex track, manic beats being balanced out buy the most beautiful lush string arrangements. It is that heaven and hell thing all boxed up and ready to blow your mind!.
I could go on for hours about how amazing this album is. RDJ is the shortest album released by Richard, unless you get the US version with the Girl/Boy Song ep included. It is Richards most out there album but aren't they all?

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