Thursday, December 10, 2009

Classic Electronic Albums - The Human League - Dare

The Human League - Dare (Virgin)
Whilst not being my favorite Human League album (Travelogue,Reproduction) this album is a classic electro pop album. With the then newly released Linn Drum through out the album and its shimmering sounding synths this is miles away from the previous two albums . This is really the album that got me into synths and I suppose many others will feel the same.

Sound Of The Crowd is such a cool slab of electropop, Get Carter with is Casio VL Tone synth line, electronic bongos, basslines and lush strings really do make this a must have release. I actually appreciate this album more now for its sound than its pop tunes, not being such a pop person anymore, but it is still a classic electronic release.

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