Thursday, December 10, 2009

Classic Electronic Albums - 808 State- Ninety

808 STATE - 90 (ZTT/Tommy Boy)
808 STATE were the Weather Report of techno. 90 is such an amazing album that has stood the test of time.If you havent heard it do check it out.

When 90 was released in 1990 we had pretty much three years of amazing techno 12" releases on small obscure labels behind us.This release was a techno album, such a rare entity at the time, maybe the only other people releasing techno albums were Juan Atkins and Derek May.
90 was released in 2 versions, the UK version and the US version on Tommy Boy which featured different track order and extra tracks, its actually pretty much a completely different album to the U.K ZTT release.

I really feel there hasnt been anything like this album before or after its release. 10/10

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