Saturday, February 19, 2011

Metal by CRAY

Metal by Cray
Just knocked this together in 10 minutes started playing with just the 261e and Strymon El Capistan then added a bit more. Sounds like a guitar but I dont own one, don't even like the things.

4 min track here

Thursday, February 17, 2011

VICMOD Healy Hassler improv modular madness!

VICMOD is pleased to release .......Modular synth improv at its finest!
Degenerate Stimuli Much Notification

Ross Healy- Serge Modular, EMS Synthi AKS. Recorded Amnesia International, Mobile Unit 1, Melbourne Australia.
Don Hassler - Buchla 200e recorded at home USA.

Don Hassler and Ross Healy have been involved with electronic music for over 3 decades.
Through communications online, via electronic music forums, the two became friends and started to share recordings.
Ross decided to mix Don’s solo Buchla recordings with his own solo Serge/ EMS tracks and that is what you hear today!

Don Hassler, Atlanta, Georgia.
Born 1960 Ohio, USA
30 years of abstract electronic music and sound art.
Performed in free improvisation group Accidents Of Culture in the early 80's.
Created site specific sound sculptures.
Helped develop and taught experimental sound class at now defunct Atlanta College of Art.

Ross Healy, Melbourne, Australia.
Born 1968 Melbourne, Australia.
Has been recording and releasing albums around the globe since 1990 under many artist names and styles.
Ross’ most recent artist name is Cray.
His music has appeared in the odd TV commercial in Japan, TV shows and web pages.
Ross is the co- founder of VICMOD and VICMOD Records.

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