Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More releases to check out

In the last month I have come across these fine abstract electronic releases.....

Do check.......

Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt - self titled (Orba Electroacoustica)
Jose Vicente Asuar - self titled (Orba Electroacoustica)
Temporal Maurauder- Temporal Maurauder Makes You Feel (Spectrum Spools)
Cray - Show Fades (Digitalis Ltd)
Henri Pousseur - Parabolique D'enter (Sub Rosa)
Dub Taylor - Lumiere for Synthesizer and Concrete Sound (Sub Rosa)
Ghostrider - Light Pulse (Digitalis Ltd)
Alexander Rishaug - Shadow of Events (Dekoder)
Caboladies - Renewable Destination ( Students of Decay)
Rene Hell - The Canon ( Agents of Chaos)
Charlatan - Trinagles (Digitalis Ltd)
Xiphiidae - Science Everywhere (Housecraft Records)
Raskto - Plink Plonk (VICMOD Records)

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