Friday, February 12, 2010

Synthwerks Touch controllers


Following on from our previous touch controller post. We now have the Synthwerks MG-1 and FSR-4.

The MG-1 is a manual gate SPDT arcade style pushbutton (fast action - built like a tank) that has one jack normalized to the +12v bus and switches it between the two other jacks (Up and Down). The switch is mechanical so is bi-directional. Any positive voltages present will light the LEDs when present. It is an 8HP module.

The FSR-4 has four separate circuits that produce a scalable CV out that changes depending on the pressure applied to the sensor pads at the bottom of the module (scalable from a very light touch to lean on it hard). The pads respond to pressure of any kind. The pressure CV is also read by a Gate output section and the gate goes high when the Pressure level crosses the front panel Threshold adjustment level. It is a 16HP module.

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