Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 the year of TOUCH

by Ross Healy
In the ever expanding world that is the euro modular format we will see a minimum of 3 companies delivering their take on the touch plates or sensor plates in 2010.

Touch keyboards are not a new deal for the analog synth market with the Buchla and Serge touch panels being in existence since the 70's, but since then there hasnt really been anything like it.

First up is the news from the largest euro manufacturer Doepfer with their take on the Touch keyboard A100 TKB. No further information at this time. We are told it will make an appearance at next weeks NAMM.

Next up is the MakeNoise Pressure Points

Then we have the newest company to the modular world Synthwerks with their FSR-4.

The computer world is also wanting us to touch more with the not too far away Apple iPhone slates that will have multi touch and I wouldn't be surprised if all the amazing iPhone apps will be ported to the iSlate? Think a cheaper and more expansive Lemur.

The one thing all of these have in common, other than the touching, is none of them are for sale as yet, but that wont be the case soon.
All in all we will spend more time triggering sounds via analog and digital instruments than we have in the past!.


synthtopia said...

If they would just release these!

Do you think there will be sufficient demand to justify making them?

VICMOD said...

they are out now :-)