Tuesday, May 19, 2009

VICMOD RECORDS got talent!

VICMOD Records is a new experimental electronic music label.

We are interested in recordings that push boundaries in sound synthesis and arrangement. Recordings can consist of digital computer music, analog synthesis etc.

The label will release limited editions* of each recording and once they have sold people can buy the digital version indefinitely. * limited edition versions will come with extra bonus tracks and art etc.

We are currently working on the website and will have the label up and running hopefully by August 2009 at the latest. We already have 3 albums ready for release.

If you are interested in sending finished recordings ( we prefer full albums) please send them to:
Ross Healy
3rd Floor
172 - 192 Flinders St
Melbourne 3000

Please submit your CD with music and data bio, photo and contact information.
We will need 320 mp3 recordings and also wav file recordings.
If we decide to release your stuff we will run the label professionally and will treat the artist with the respect they deserve.
If we do not decide to use your album, fear not we will not copy or distribute your recordings without your authority.
Please let all your friends know.


WorldSpec. said...

consider me sending...i want to be apart of this.


b3nsf said...

Im interested in releasing through you guys!


VICMOD said...

great send us your stuff