Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A day in the life of a synth nut

Its been a while..... lots happening.

VICMOD will be performing live again over April and May with special guests.

Currently waiting for my Buchla modules to be returned, Plan B modules awaiting return, Serge /Buchla cabinet to be collected from the mighty Ken Stone this Friday. Yay!

Then Mark Verbos has the Buchla clones coming yay! yay!.

And then a bit later in the year Bugbrand Modular should be here, really excited about this...also expect an interview with Tom Bug at some stage...

Recent music listening for an open mind:

Shasta Cults -3in (Feed and Seed)
Hecker - Acid in the style of David Tudor (Editions Mego)
Parallel Worlds - Shade - (Din)
Cray - unreleased recordings (from the 50 cd archive).
Degenerate Stimuli Mulch Notification - Don Hassler/Ross Healy (Digitalis Industries)
Lecture - Allesandro Cortini
SND - Atavism (Raster Noton)
A sound a day - via the 12k site (12k)
Doug Theriault - Of Zero
Pauline Oliveros - Four Electronic Pieces 1959-1966 (Sub Rosa)
Miki Yui - Small Sounds (Bmb Lab)
Magneticring - Live at Solus Festival Vancouver
Don Hassler/ Jason Butcher - Kavrana Live
Hecker - Live @ WDR (Tochnit Aleph)
Musique Non Suck - Early Electronic Mix
Douglas Quinn - Antartica
Bogdan Raczynski- Alright (Rephlex)
Atom TM - Leidgut (Raster Noton)

Back soon with VICMOD dates

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