Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Taken from the Modular Synth night, Make It Up Club 25 Nov 2008, Melbourne, Australia.

Here is the complete show all 29 mins in either Vimeo or mp3.
This time you will see the modular synths in action, not just a crowd shot POV.

You will see Buchla 200e, Euro Modular synths (ElbyDesign/Ken Stone, Livewire, The Harvestman, Doepfer,Plan B etc) Dot Com modulars, fx etc.
Most members are playing modules they built themselves!

access downloads via Abre Ojos VIMEO
Mp3 to follow
Many thanks to Scott for all the amazing work :-)

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andrew said...

Thanks for the video; it was great! I'd LOVE to find a performance space like that here in New Orleans! Although, I AM playing a show tonight in a great bookstore (McKeown's Books and Difficult Music). It's always terrific when you can play electronic music live to a receptive audience!